Peter Hacket was a casualty of the budget cuts to the UK Secret Intelligence Services (SIS).

He now contracts out his specialist black services for what's termed the deniable retread side to any Intelligence Service.

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Peter Hacket was a casualty of the budget cuts to the UK Secret Intelligence Services (SIS).

Now called a deniable retread resource, he now contracts out his specialist black services to any organisation or individual who can afford him.

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The Mexican  Ruiz crime family had had an underused Pan Atlantic smuggling operation, a faltering financial base in Europe and idle but high quality printing presses.

Father and son Ruiz, relocated themselves to Miami, USA whereupon the Belize drug cartels moved to seize their smuggling operation and the family income plummeted.

Revival in the Ruiz fortunes depended on fighting the cartels and to raise the funds for this and more, it was agreed to print Euros then smuggle and distribute these via their established Liberec Austrian Banking connections.

To test the possibility, 18 million counterfeit Euros were to be printed and a US  investment identity stripper brought in to handle the Banking and legal issues at the European end.

What very few knew was that Mi6 already had a resource within the Liberec Bank monitoring the Ruiz accounts.

It would be the absence of a need to know which did not make the decisions Hacket and his associates made in field acceptable to the political suits in the UK.

Just how much would Hacket upset his paymasters?


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"Not a fantasy read...but then you expose what the hell goes on and who mops the problem up."
JD, Berlin.

"I can only recommend that crime and secret service book enthusiasts read this and your other Hacket tales."
Kirkwood, UK

"Good stuff and I could identify with the locations…I’ve recommended on."
Brooch, expat in Mexico City.

"You set it up and knock it down....I loved the read...."
KK, New York, USA