Peter Hacket was a casualty of the budget cuts to the UK Secret Intelligence Services (SIS).

He now contracts out his specialist black services for what's termed the deniable retread side to any Intelligence Service.

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Peter Hacket was a casualty of the budget cuts to the UK Secret Intelligence Services (SIS).

Now considered a deniable retread resource, he  contracts out his specialist black services to any organisation or individual who can afford him.

Diamonds smuggled from Zimbabwe, via Perth, WA found their way into auctions conducted behind closed doors of an Investment Bank in Monaco as witnessed by Viscount Rupert Blicksworth, a man on the verge of being arrested and financially ruined.

Blicksworth and his daughter Carolyn, a self styled English Baroness, sought to establish themselves as alternative suppliers so provide them with a retirement fund. They had everything in place except the illegal handling of diamonds through Perth, WA.

The solution was to enlist Sahran, an Iranian arms dealer with the criminal connections and experience to smuggle product worldwide.

The problems amongst those involved began when a rare, valuable, uncut black diamond surfaced on the shipment’s arrival in Perth, WA.

Suddenly the Baroness was considered expendable.

Hacket’s priority to ensure both the shipment and Carolyn Blicksworth returned safely to Monaco became a dangerous challenge.if


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"Loved it...certainly that twist in the tale at the end wasn't expected ...."
Mark J, UK.

"I have to don't make it easy when on partner wasn't at all happy until I'd finished reading....."  
On On from a NY Hasher.

"You've really got the essence of Perth and Rocky City, WA after dark."
JJ, Rockingham, W.A..