Peter Hacket was a casualty of the budget cuts to the UK Secret Intelligence Services (SIS).

He now contracts out his specialist black services for what's termed the deniable retread side to any Intelligence Service.

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Peter Hacket was a casualty of the budget cuts to the UK Secret Intelligence Services (SIS).

Now called a deniable retread resource, he now contracts out his specialist black services to any organisation or individual who can afford him.

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During changes in disclosure rules UK Land Registry advises Security Services (SIS) that Chinese property investors were transferring ownership to Russian nationals not registered for UK tax purposes. 

One Russian, Taras Petrov, was on the SIS radar for being active with the Moscow District 15 crime syndicate. 

Xi Lang, Chairman of the Chinese Hi Teng Chu Co, bought and transferred property to Petrov. 

This raised speculation concerning Russian dirty money being laundered through China and it then being invested in London. 

Freelance specialists Hacket and Sarah Petri were contracted to verify or otherwise the speculation. 

If the full facts about the Chinaman had been disclosed then Petri would have probably refused to seduce Xi Lang as a means for her and Hacket to infiltrate his Chinese company.

The problem was that everyone involved wanted a cut of the funds.

Would the last man or woman handling the Russian funds live long enough to enjoy the wealth that they had siphoned off at each stage of that transfer?


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“Not disappointed…and great to see how characters have developed and have returned from previous novels. "
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"We met in Sanya, now I understand what all the questions were about."
Running Man, Shanghai HHH, CPR.

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G.H., UK.

“Clearly this book took some risky research - congratulations on what you’ve created.”
Anonymous, Beijing, CPR.